Information for Infant Baptisms in St. Jude’s Parish

Please request a Form after a Mass and return it completed to Fr. Paul to register your child for baptism. Fr. Paul will then be able to arrange a date and time with you for the baptism. If you do not already come to Mass, then please come, and meet the church family that your child will be baptized into as its newest member. At least two months of coming to weekly Mass prior to setting a date for the baptism is required to help you fulfil the baptismal promises you will make. At the baptism, your child will receive their own baptismal candle to keep afterwards (or you may wish to provide one yourself) and their Certificate of Baptism. It is customary to give a donation to the Church upon the occasion of a Baptism of £40 or more; (BACS details available on request, or cash, or cheques payable to ‘St. Jude’s Parish’) this goes towards the upkeep of the Parish. Many thanks.


Each year Forms are available from the end of July in Church to fill out and return by the end of October. Late registrations after October may be refused. A copy of your child’s baptism certificate is required when returning the completed Form. Please contact the Church where your child was baptized if you do not have a copy available.

Weekly classes begin in January and finish in time for the First Holy Communion Mass in May. Your child will make their First Confession as part of the Preparation. Attendance at all classes is mandatory. A weekly experience of Holy Mass is absolutely essential for the Preparation as the Sacrament has little or no meaning without the experience of Mass. Thus if you do not already come to Mass every weekend then you will need to bring your child with you to Mass every week. An attendance Passport is issued so your child has a record of their attendance.