Preparation of the Faithful – URGENT

The First Commandment is to love God with all our being and above all else. God always helps those who remain faithful to Him. God helped Joseph in Egypt to store grain for seven years so that when the seven years of famine arrived there was enough not only for the Egyptians but also for the twelve tribes of Israel, his chosen people. When Moses led the chosen people out of slavery to wander in the wilderness for forty years God provided them with quails for meat, the bronze serpent for healing and gave them manna, the bread from heaven for their survival. Jesus, our Saviour, feeds us with His Body and His Blood as the remedy for all that ails our souls and bodies. For the times ahead God gives us the messages and the encouragements we need to prepare spiritually by Daily Prayers, Holy Mass, and Confession along with works of charity and mercy. To see to our physical requirements in the Time of Need, God has given us messages about what to store for food, water and medicine and how, when used in faith including only when necessary and in accordance with God’s Will, the miracle of multiplication like the five loaves and two fish, these will sustain us during the times of war, famine and plague until such time when the enemies of God are defeated and the Immaculate Heart of Mary triumphs, as promised by Jesus and Mary. Pray especially for our young children who are our hope for the future and God-willing will be the first generation to enjoy the Triumph of Mary’s Immaculate Heart. Useful articles 2023 Emergency Food & Supplies ListDownload Burning plague - white hawthorn remedyDownload Blessed GrapesDownload

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